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Handcrafted frequently asked questions.

What’s our mission?

HairFabric.com strives to deliver the high-quality products you would find in a premium salon. When it is difficult to make it to the salon, you can count on us to deliver the salon experience right to your doorstep. From sustainable beauty hair care to handcrafted hair color, enjoy the salon experience in the comfort of your home.

How are we different from other beauty sites?

Besides only featuring Hair Care and color from companies that focus on sustainable and natural origins, you have access to a real hairdresser to provide you expert advice to help you find your perfect regimen and color formula.

What is sustainable beauty?

Sustainable beauty focuses on ingredients from natural origins, gentle formulations and ethical sourcing. We do not want to carry every line, just the ones we feel offer premium performance with natural ethical sourcing.

What is handcrafted color?

Most online color companies say they formulate your color just for you, but most just pick a bottle off the shelf after you fill out a form. We feature a full consultation, beginning with our in-depth consultation form and then a video consult with one of our colorists. We then mix a custom formula for you from one of our color lines, which is then vacuum packed and shipped to you.

Why do you feature multiple color lines?

Everyone has different hair, and different needs and expectations. We offer three different color options. Low ammonia for major changes, non-ammoniated for gentle lifting and deposit, and a liquid color to refresh and tone delicate hair.

Why is it so much more expensive than the other online color companies?

Our handcrafted color kits are nothing like the other sites. First, after a true, full consultation we mix a custom formula and vacuum pack it for you. Your initial kit has all the tools you need for safe, clean and precise color applications. Save these tools for your next application. A huge difference is that you will always get 2 formulas in every kit. You receive a formula for your new growth and a formula for your ends.

What’s the big deal about 2 formulas in the kit?

If you were to get you hair colored at the salon, they would never use the same chemical on your new growth and ends. But home color kits expect you to use the same color roots to ends. You never want to do this because it can cause porosity or damage to your ends.

What is in the refill kit?

The refill kit is your handcrafted color for you to use with the tools you saved from your first retouch kit, It has both your new growth and ends formula. You are always welcome to chat with your colorist if you would like to make some minor changes in your color direction.

What is your guarantee?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your color. If not completely satisfied with your first color, we will reformulate and send you a complimentary refill kit with your new formula.