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Davines Circle Chronicles


We all live our busy lives through a wide variety of situations and experiences, and as a result of this, our scalp and hair have specific needs.  The Circle Chronicles is the ideal solution for wherever your life may take you; a line of scalp and hair masks designed to be active, effective and eclectic for treatments in the salon or at home.

The Circle Chronicles are perfectly designed to fit any situation, from sharing experiences from a distance but also for moments of connection with others who are living the same adventure.

The Circle Chronicles masks are formulated to be extraordinarily effective with immediate results. They are enriched with active ingredients of natural origin that provide a characteristic colour: starting with clays, 100% natural bamboo charcoal and “super food” plants such as moringa butter and matcha tea extract, which are known for their many beneficial properties.

The Circle Chronicles are available in a convenient and reusable pocket size, allowing you to mix & match your products and bring everything you need with you wherever life takes you.
The carbon dioxide emissions deriving from their production are compensated for through reforestation projects.

The Circle Chronicles was created to meet specific needs effectively. The needs of both skin and hair vary greatly and cannot always be met with a single product. At the salon, the Circle Chronicles masks can be combined to offer a customized multi-masking service for different areas of your hair: scalp, lengths and ends.

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