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Tips for Applying At-Home Hair Color

The pandemic taught us all a lot this year, and one of those things is that we don’t have to spend sooooo much time and money getting our hair colored at salons! Enter Handcrafted Custom Hair Color by Fabric Hair Care – a lifechanging product line that gives you custom salon color from the comforts of your own home.

Whether you wish to cover up grays or give your natural hair color a boost, our expert colorists will handcraft the perfect color for you. Not confident in your salon skills? No worries! Our master colorists offer tips on how to master custom hair color at home.

How to Master Your At-Home Color Kit

When you purchase a handcrafted custom hair color kit from Fabric Hair Care, we walk you through the entire process - from the initial video consultation and right up to the custom color application. But it doesn’t hurt to have some expert advice in writing. Here are some fail-proof tips on how to master your at-home custom color kit.

Keep it simple. Stay within two shades of your natural hair color and leave any major color changes to the pros.

When in doubt, ask away. Don’t be afraid to reach out to out to your designated Hair Care Custom Color Expert! Our consultants are standing by to answer any questions, provide suggestions for the specific look you are trying to achieve, or provide direction. Using their knowledge, they will provide direction throughout the entire process from helping find your best color match and throughout the application process.

Your roots are not the same as your ends! When coloring your roots, part your hair into 4 quarters and work in small slices. The special angled brush you receive makes application easy. This will minimize mistakes and prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Unlike other at home color companies, you will receive 2 formulas, one for your roots, one for your ends. This is what a colorist would do at the salon. Never run a root formula to the ends. That color may darken or make ends look flat.

Follow the directions. When you receive a Fabric Hair Care at-home color kit, we will provide specific instructions on how to apply the product you have selected. Make sure to follow these directions to a T and do not deviate, no matter how tempted you are to do so!

DIY Professional Custom Hair Color…Easy as 1-2-3

We are in a new era of coloring hair at home! Our DIY custom hair color kits are handcrafted by professionals and customized for YOU. The process is easy…

Step 1: Schedule a consultation with one of our expert hair colorists.

Step 2: Based on your consultation, our professional colorists get to work handcrafting your unique custom salon formula.

Step 3: Your color kit arrives at your door within three to five days after the order is placed.

Handcrafted Custom Hair Color by Fabric Hair Care

Need to color those grays? Want to take your natural hair color from drab to fab? Fabric Hair Care can help with our DIY custom hair color kits handcrafted right here in Tampa! For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call 813-495-6647.

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